Tuesday, November 10, 2009

+ Hyderabad +

Hello guys, this is my 2nd week in Hyderabad. I miss you all a lot and of course, I miss the cleanliness and facilities in Malaysia.... convenient stores and stuff but no prob.

I don't have a laptop and my pre-paid credit for my India number is limited till I top it up every once in a while. It's so difficult to find top up shops here. Hence, my "disappearance" from the world. The only computer available is either at the office or my friend's laptop (which I'll have to borrow if I wanna go online).

I had extreme sinus for the first whole week due to the dust, and now it's cured already. Other than the crazy traffic, cunning auto drivers and being different from Malaysia (24/7 stores, easily accessible clinics, etc), Hyderabad is a cool place. I met lotsa cool people. I even drank whiskey and cognac on the airplane with 2 cool Indian dudes and made friends with them.

Here in the office, it's like a buffet everyday (lol dapat cuci mata). It's really awesome. Lotsa cool people here. They say "cool" a lot. I think it's getting to me. Like a virus. LOL It's cool. I'm trying to remember all people in RnH Hyderabad's names. I hope I get to learn more about the people here and about my group too.

So far, we had a group tour to Charminar, Chowmahalla Palace and Necklace Road. It was a fantastic time. Especially with Darpan's crack comments and narration. LOL ERRRR...... I hope they don't make me sing "Just Chill" and dance for the company meeting. Shait. If so, then I'll run with my trademark pose okeh?? Haha. Just like in Charminar.

I guess that's all for now. Take care cool people! See you the next time! And thank you for visiting or even reading this blog of mine!! I'm amazed! It's been a while since I posted something here. HA.

Right, note to self:
-remember to always focus in class/training
-give it your best
-take care of your budget
-be strong
-discipline! Discipline is the thing!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Portfolio Scrap Book

Hello guys. Sorry for not replying comments or anything lately. Been pretty busy practicing drawing and updating myself. Life is tough. It really is. Especially with the economic down turn. I mean, come on, you need to spend money to make money. More money circulation means the faster we can bring up our economy huh?

Okeh. Nuff rambling. Here's my scrap book portfolio. Very much inspired by my SIFU Jiwo! XD Hope u dun mind, sifufufufufu. Some drawings are old, some are new. Hope you enjoy them. And yes, please don't laugh at me. I hope I improved somewhat on my art...

Click on teh pic for a bigger view on it. XD
Blogspot ATE the right hand side of the page. Damn!

There, my sketch diary/scrap book portfolio. That's all for now, folks!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

+ teh frog +

WOOOOWWWW!! Haven't updated mah art blog for a long long time!

Anyways, here's one for today! :} A cg/sketch practice! The pic is referenced from Feb 2009 National Geographic Magazine cover. But of course.... my itchy hands added more colours too it.... HAHA.
Sketched in my sketch diary. Then cged it today.
Comments and critics are most welcomed! :D

......FARK!!! Blogger cropped my pics! X_X Click on the pic for fullview please. Very annoyed with this cropping.... ugh.

Btw.... I'm addicted to Beyonce's new song...
SEE YOUR HALO, HALO HALOOOO!! HAHA. Check it out people!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

+ updates +

Hello everybodeh! Wassup?? How are ya?

It's been a while since I posted my sketches here. Man... sorry.

Here are some updates. All in random order. Hope you'll enjoy them. XD Comments and critics are welcome.
Btw, it's so freaking troublesome to edit stuff on blogspot... X_X Rather wonky! Especially when you have pics. Will figure out an easier way to do it soon. Seems that the font sizes are wonky as well. So please be patient with meh, people!

I did some experiments. Tried my hand out at the camera. :P


From Sabah.

That's Auntie Tang. And yes, you can tell by the camera angle that I'm obsessed with the kettle. HAHA.
I think it makes a nice frame.

Bamboo forest in Sabah.

Another angle.

Bottle art.

Inspired by bottles, fishes and...love. LOL. Paper betta fish inside!

Parchment so you can write your message in it.

Took me almost a whole day to draw and cut the papers and stick 'em.
To the point of nauseating. Too many things to cut but it was worth it.

Some of the designs were cut out from ang pow packets.

CGs + Sketches

Gift art to cheer someone very dear. :} Shameless self plug, but I dun care.
As long as it looks nice. HAHA.
Pattern brushes by kiDChan & JS Scully.

Rough cg from the previous sketch in the previous post.
Her shoulder piece looks like a fruit. HAHA. Damnn...

Unfinished sketch for an idea inspired by a few friends and certain events.

Eye patch dude. Inspired by Klaus von Stauffenberg (Valkyrie)
and Cleo (Legend of Glass Fleet).
Guys with eye patches are hot huh!? XD

Gift art for my dear friend, Pei. XD Am glad you liked it girl!

Rest in peace, handsome man! HAHA.
No, actually, he really IS in my fav list cuz of his noble deeds and courage. Sorry, I butchered you. My sketch doesn't do you justice!
Tom Cruise, I think were perfect for the movie.

Sketch of my wifeh! ♥ She's more than just a pretteh face!
Ref taken from her pic.

Kaisei Cooper, my OC. Yeaa. During his sports practice. ♥

Compilation of sketches.
The girl and the old man were referenced from pics.
The red indian was inspired by uh... that artist from Comickers. I forget her name. T_T Sorry.

I love Red Indians. You guys rock!

Pose practice. Reference from Posemaniacs. Such a wonderful site. :D

Yea. I took a personality quiz. I forgot what's it called already. Either Jung or something else. Was inspired by it. ;D That's my OC, White Soul @ Mace @ Damacy @ Madashi @ whatever. XD Just a rough sketch.
And ya, it's nice to be a freak? Nice to be different, ya?

From mah sketch book! CGed with Photoshop!

You can take a look at my DA for the full view pic.

The last panel is White Soul.

Ohh ohh! Samurai! ♥ Inspired by Dynasty Warriors & Samurai Warriors!

Of course I added some stuff of my own. LOL Lookit his hat! HAHAHA.

Counter hit page for thanking all the lovely people of DA for visiting my DA site.

Thank you everyone.♥♥♥♥♥

Character design inspired by Jin from Tekken.

I guess I have hots for Jin... *__* He's such a good boy.♥

You'd never see him smoking & wearing a leather jacket. XD


Thatssall for now, folks! Please feel free to comment ya! Take care and stay healthy!

See you next time! XD