Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Portfolio Scrap Book

Hello guys. Sorry for not replying comments or anything lately. Been pretty busy practicing drawing and updating myself. Life is tough. It really is. Especially with the economic down turn. I mean, come on, you need to spend money to make money. More money circulation means the faster we can bring up our economy huh?

Okeh. Nuff rambling. Here's my scrap book portfolio. Very much inspired by my SIFU Jiwo! XD Hope u dun mind, sifufufufufu. Some drawings are old, some are new. Hope you enjoy them. And yes, please don't laugh at me. I hope I improved somewhat on my art...

Click on teh pic for a bigger view on it. XD
Blogspot ATE the right hand side of the page. Damn!

There, my sketch diary/scrap book portfolio. That's all for now, folks!