Friday, August 15, 2008

+ alive! +

Hello everyone! How are you??

It's been a while but I'm reviving this art blog!

I'm happy to be drawing again! Feels awesome to even sketch just a little!
T_T Wah... drawing can make you feel at peace. I forgot how it feels when I wasn't drawing for a long time. Now my drawing skills are rusty, worst than ever so please be patient with my mistakes... especially anatomy and foreshortening mistakes. HAHA. I'm workin on it. >_<
And here we go!

Scenes from Harry Potter the movie. With reference.

Quick sketch from FF12. That hot guy at the opening FMV.

Speed paint. Ref pic from SlipperyLittleSuckers. Ref pics colours were dull... I added more colours to it. Uwah. My itchy hands!!

Sketch. Always wanted to draw something like this. Holding a katana. HAHA.

Another sketch. Inspired by TatoomCity. That's a girl, btw...

Penciled illust. Inspired by Across the Universe song by the Beatles. Currently CGing this.

CG wip for the above illust.

Speed paint. Ref pic from google.

Speed paint. Azula from Avatar. I wanted to try out this colour mood.
Everyone painted her colours red but her flame is BLUE. So I wanted something different. She's as cold as ice but she burns like fire.
Btw. Azula kicks ass. She's soooo bitchy. Also, she's the easiest to draw outta the lot. HAHA.

Quick sketch. Done during my part time job when I had some free time. HAHA!!
Supposedly a thank you piece for my pageviews on DA. T_T
Inspired by TatoomCity and Jin Kazama from Tekken.
*loves Jin* <3

Bucellati & Sticky Fingers from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure season 5. Sorry I butchered them. T_T I had no proper ref for Sticky Fingers.

Narancia from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure season 5.
By fav, my fav character in season 5. HAHA.

GioGio + Gold Experience from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure season 5.
God. I can't believe I'm posting this. T_T
Sorry for the terrible anatomy mistakes. I'm aware of it.
But I'm not sorreh for the pose. HAHA.
Inspired by Avant Garde fashion poses (cuz that's what Jojo is all about).
Btw... I accidently coloured Gold Experience, SILVER. =_= So lame. WTF.

Sketch in progress.

Free sketch for Joe. One of his OCs. Sorry Joe, I drew him completely different and butchered the anatomy. T__T
This is somewhat old art.

Unfinished collab with Joe.
His lines.
My colours.
Sorry. It's taking time. X_x; I suck.

Okeh people. That's all for now. Here's a speed paint of Aerith from FFVII sayin goodbye to ya!
Sorreh I made her look like a tranny. HAHAHA.
Later! ;D


create said...

edwina.. so surprise see ur artwork again.. haha..

hikshiks.. teach me colour.. XD aiyah... u can colour so nice T_T .. dont forget to post everyweek ya.. haha

asukakanzaki said...


HAHA. Dun worry!! I will try to post every week! LOL YOU dun forget to post every week also ya! HAHAHAHA.

Colour?? X__X No la. If you wan learn how to colour, better you see the pro like Kidchan, Terra and the rest on them on my list there in this blog. Inspiration section.

Thanks for your comment ya! ;D